Texas Wild Hog Hunts in Strawn, TX

Here's a challenge serious hunters can enjoy — shooting wild hogs from a helicopter. The State of Texas has a severe problem with feral hogs that eat crops and cause damage to property. To help remedy this and for the excitement of the sport, Hell’s Gate Helicopter LLC offers hog hunts in Strawn, TX

Your guide and pilot will fly you over pre-approved land for helicopter hog hunts. We load the chopper on a custom trailer and transport it to the designated location, where hunters can board and enjoy a challenging hunt. Our service is unique to Palo Pinto County and the surrounding areas.

The hunts last two hours and can accommodate two hunters at a time, an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with ammunition is provided for the hunt. Landowners interested in adding your property to the authorized hunting lands, please contact us for information. 

Cost: $1000 per person to a max of $2000
Passengers: Up to 2
Maximum Weight: 300 Pounds Per Passenger