Appreciate the Beauty of Nature Through Helicopter Lake Tour in Strawn, TX

A lake of 17,000 acres and 17 miles of shoreline is an awe-inspiring sight, and it’s much too massive to be seen easily from water or the lakefront. Taking to the air is the only way to appreciate the grandeur and natural beauty of Possum Kingdom Lake, which is actually a reservoir. At Hell’s Gate Helicopter LLC, we offer helicopter lake tours in Strawn, TX.  

Our helicopter service is the only charter operator in the area that provides these lake tours. We can accommodate up to three passengers for this 20-minute flight in our safe and comfortable Robinson R-44 light helicopter. We take off from Sportman’s World Airport, circle the lake, and then return.

Feel free to contact us at any time to learn about pricing and scheduling for our lake flights or any other aerial services that we are happy to offer. We’ll take you hog hunting, fly you along the river, provide a stable platform for aerial photography, and help with wedding and engagement flights. We also offer commercial aviation as well for agricultural needs or pipeline and powerline patrols.

Take to the skies for lasting memories with Hell’s Gate Helicopter LLC.